Sunday, 8 April 2012


Well here it is, I decided a while ago that I wanted to share thoughts on "stuff", but I never could think of a niche that made sense.
I've got such wide ranging interests, and my focus changes so often I don't think it would be very compelling. Who wants to read my thoughts on politics one day, Atmel vs Microchip the next, Heinlein vs Card, or how my running progress is going. I don't even get hits on Facebook for those things. But hey if you want email me and maybe I'll comment.

But I did realize there was something that I do have, ideas. Simple little ideas that make things just a little bit better. There are lots of people with advice on all sorts of things, and blogs of interest, detailed and expensive change programs.
Now that isn't to say that big changes to your life, and improvements aren't good or don't work. They can work for lots of people. But I think many people don't want to totally shift their life focuse, quit jobs, change cities or careers or completely change how they do everyday things. Neither do I!

What I want to do is suggest those little things that make things better, now I'm not saying I have perfect solutions, just little starter steps to make things Just a Little Bit Better.
If you've got a better idea go ahead and tell me, I'm always open for new or better ideas on how to do things.

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