Sunday, 8 April 2012


I don't like cleaning, there I said it. I actually do know people who love to clean, they find it relaxing and calming to put things in order, even if they're sweating and end up sore afterwards.
I am not one of those people.

However if I do clean I want it done fast.
So for household cleaning I use
Microfiber clothes, buy a 10 pack, they're a buck or so each, they clean much better and they're reusable. I have about 20 and throw them in a bin, wash it every 3-4 days so they don't mold and get nasty.

The bin is an old plastic litterbox container, about a cubic foot, with a nice tight lid.
Every few weeks I'll rinse it out with a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide.

As far as cleaners I'm a fan of Lysol All purpose and the Greenworks Spray which seems to be a bit better on grease and oil.

The thing about this method is microfibers clean faster and better than paper towels. Plus being reusable I don't have to worry about my paper towel supply.

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